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Side Income Blog in 4 Easy Steps
Thu Jan 30, 2020 · 3 min read

Side Income Blog

Every month, a handful of business-minded folks start making money by creating blogs. Some will make thousands of dollars every month! The amount of money you earn depends on factors such as available opportunities and your audience, but there’s no reason you can’t make it. Here are some simple steps to create a successful residual-income blog of your own.

1. Choose a good topic.

Before anything else, you must think of a topic and niche to blog about. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of things you can cover, but selectivity is important. You should ideally go for a subject you’re passionate about or have an interest in. Ask yourself whom you are targeting, what level of competition you’ll face, and whether the topic or niche is sustainable. At the same time, make sure your blog remains focused on a single topic or a few tightly related topics, so you don’t confuse the search engines and your readers by talking about too many things.

2. Decide on your domain name, which then becomes your blog’s name.

Your blog title and domain name are two of the first things with which your audience interacts. Apart from giving them an idea of what they can expect from your blog, your domain name helps place the site with Internet searches, which are vital for generating traffic and profit. As a rule, your title should fit your blog’s identity. For instance, you should choose a “corporate-sounding title” so you can establish yourself as an authority on a particular business topic. You can go for an informal name if you’re targeting a less business-oriented subject, such as celebrity gossip, video gaming, or fashion.

3. Write great posts.

Content is critical to creating a successful residual-income blog. You must write interesting posts that people want to read. A good blog speaks honestly and openly about its topic. Make sure your posts are personal; most readers want to feel as though they’re having a candid conversation with you when they interact with your site. You should also center your posts on your readers and address their problems or issues, answer a question, or tell a story. However, you must always remain professional, even when blogging about your personal life.

4. Pay heed to social media.

These days, anyone who isn’t on social media is missing out on huge opportunities. For bloggers, that means missing out on readership. Integrate your blog with your profiles on Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Pinterest and other major social sites. For instance, post links to your latest blog entries on your Twitter bio, and link your articles to your Facebook page. Avoid replicating the same content by posting the same article multiple times with the same post. However, DO post unique highlights from the same article at different times.


Knowing how to create a profitable blog isn’t only the first step to residual income, it’s the most important step. You don’t want to start on the wrong foot, so take your time and put these things into play.